The Language of Gematria

The Jewish people have always known that God uses numbers to speak. It’s not only a part of their culture, it’s embedded in their language. It’s a thing called GEMATRIA.

Gematria is the first step in searching for God’s voice in numbers.

The Jews, along with the Greeks and Romans, do not have separate numerals in their language. They just have letters, and each letter is also a number. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters/numbers and the Greek has 24.

If each letter is also a number, each word or phrase also has a numerical value. Here’s an example:

In the Greek, which is one of the languages the Bible is written in, the name Jesus is spelled Isous. If we take the letters in Isous and add up their individual numeric value, we get

600+30+114+126+114= 888

Triple eight is Godspeak for New Beginnings and resurrection – JESUS!

Using gematria, here are some other amazing gematria revelations:

The Root of Jesse = 111

John the Baptist = 222

Troy = English 1050, Greek (Tpoia) 461, Hebrew 230

Trump 424

David 424: could Trump have a David anointing as a man after God’s own heart?

There are lots of good gematria sites where you can put in a word, push a button and BAM, there’s the numeric value of that word of phrase.

Here is my favorite site to calculate the gematria of a word. It will give you the Hebrew gematria and the English gematria of any word or phrase.


Now that you have the gematria, or value of a word, you have to do some research about what that number means.

Let’s use 77 as an example. Here are some of the ways I do it:

1. Google meaning of 77 – “a witness of” or “by God’s Spirit”

2. Research other words with the same numeric value. Example: “Christ” in simple gematria is 77. “Power” “glory” “Purim” “stars” “matter” all have a gematria of 77

3. Research words that appear in scripture that many times. Example: the word “Church” and phrase “House of God” both appear in scripture 77 times. The Church is not only “by God’s Spirit,” but we’re “a witness of” His goodness and majesty. BOOM! Because of this, 77 is the number for the church.

4. Research the number 77 in scripture – example “Jesus” is the 77th name from God in Luke’s geneology.

5. Research 7:7 scriptures. This one will blow you away:

Genesis 7:7

And Noah went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons’ wives with him, into the ark, because of the waters of the flood.

Noah was the ultimate Old Testament witness to an evil generation that defied and denied God. That brother spent 120 years building that ark (which means “safety box”) and all the while he preached repentance and nobody, nobody took him up on the offer to get in that safety box.

• By the way, the number 120 is God’s “Ta-Da!” It’s when he shows up and changes everything. It’s his clean slate or fresh start.

• Moses lived to 120. When he died, the Hebrews went into the Promised Land.

• There were 120 people in the upper room when the Holy Spirit shows up and changed everything.

There are a lot more things you can do. God uses the newspaper headlines to speak all the time. Dates as well.

6. Look up historic happenings on July 7 – 7/7

Here are a quick few:

• 1124 – Tyrus surrenders to the Crusaders

• 1498 – Emperor Maximillian establishes the choir of the Imperial Chapel

• 1520 – Cortes defeats the Aztecs

• 1538 – Official European colonization of the Americas with the first known exchange between Europeans and natives in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

• 1668 – Rock star physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton earned his masters from Trinity College in Cambridge, England.

• 1753 – British parliament grants Jews citizenship. WOW!

• 1863 – Orders barring Jews from serving under General US Grant are revoked.

• 1928 – Sliced bread hit the market!! That’s all I need to say…

So, your homework  and this week is to see what numbers keep popping up in your day. Note any patterns like 111, 222, 888, 411 or the like.

• What time did you wake up?

• How much did your groceries or your gas cost?

• Did you notice a particular number on your car’s mileage?

• Did you have to go to any significant addresses?

• Did you notice a pattern with license plates?

Start paying attention and you’ll eventually see something you can research.

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